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Settings ViewSettings View overview
Development SettingsDevelopment settings details
Local Storage SettingsLocal storage settings details
About InformationPlatform information details

Settings View

The Settings view provides an interface for the AdvantEDGE platform user to configure frontend settings and view platform information.

Other views can be found in the GUI Overview wiki page

Development Settings

This section provides the following developer options:

VIS Configuration Mode

Checkbox to enable development settings for the Configuration & Execution View visualizations. If checked, you will have access to visualization configuration options to edit the vis.js graph look & feel.

Local Storage Settings

This section provides the following browser options:

Clear UI Cache

Button to trigger deletion of the web application local storage. Certain frontend settings are persisted in the browser local storage to recover from a browser refresh. This button clears the local storage and resets the frontend state to its default values.

NOTE: Clearing the UI cache should only be necessary in certain version upgrade cases where state values may have changed. This should not happen often.

About Information

This section provides details about the running frontend version.