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What’s New in v1.9!

:zap: New edge native service: ETSI MEC030 - V2X Information Service API for vehicular QoS predictions! :car:

:zap: New! Geospatial & Network emulation for scenarios with Device-to-device (D2D) Communication :iphone:/:iphone:

:zap: New! Runtime Sequence and Data Flow diagrams :chart_with_upwards_trend:

:zap: Service API upgrade to version 2.2.1 for ETSI MEC011, ETSI MEC012, ETSI MEC013 and ETSI MEC021 :arrow_up:

:zap: Runtime Setup updates to support k8s versions up to 1.26 :arrow_up:

:zap: General maintenance :hammer_and_wrench:

:zap: Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by initiating a GitHub Discussion :octocat:

What is AdvantEDGE?

AdvantEDGE is a Mobile Edge Emulation Platform (MEEP) that runs on Docker & Kubernetes.

AdvantEDGE provides an emulation environment, enabling experimentation with Edge Computing Technologies, Applications, and Services. The platform facilitates exploring edge / fog deployment models and their impact on applications and services in short and agile iterations.


  • Accelerate Mobile Edge Computing adoption
  • Help Discover new edge application use cases & services
  • Help answer questions such as:
    • Where should my application components be located in the edge network?
    • How do network characteristics (such as latency, jitter, and packet loss) impact my application or service?
    • How will my application behave when the user moves within and across access networks?

Intended Users

  • Edge Application Developers
  • Edge Network and Service Designers
  • Edge Researchers
  • Technologists that are simply interested learning how the Edge works

Getting started

:one: :heavy_minus_sign: Familiarize with Architecture and Features

:two: :heavy_minus_sign: Setup environment

:three: :heavy_minus_sign: Deploy platform

:four: :heavy_minus_sign: Start using AdvantEDGE

How to Contribute

If you like this project and would like to participate in its evolution, you can find information on contributing here

We welcome questions, feedback and improvement suggestions via :octocat:Discussion and bugs reporting via :octocat: Issues

Hope to hear from you…


A list of AdvantEDGE authors can be found here


AdvantEDGE is licensed under under the Apache License, Version 2.0