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Service Overview

AdvantEDGE provides a built-in Location Service implementation that integrates with scenarios.

This feature provides the following capabilities:

  • Learning location of a device within the network
  • Learning information on all devices located within a zone or connected to a point-of-access
  • Getting real-time updates on device location as they move across the network


  • Location Service: Implements ETSI MEC013 northbound API with a custom integration with AdvantEDGE APIs

Northbound API

AdvantEDGE Integration

  • Location service is implemented as a single sandbox pod within AdvantEDGE, providing service for all applications running as part of that sandbox

  • 3 components:
    • Northbound Interface (NBI) & Core - (tightly coupled) implements the Location Service API & internal service logic
    • Southbound Interface (SBI) - (decoupled from NBI/Core) implements glue logic between AdvantEDGE & the NBI/Core
  • Threads:
    • Main thread - (NBI/Core) Handles requests to the Location Service API (server) from users (i.e. scenario pods)
    • NBI event thread - (NBI/Core) Handles event channel from SBI (for Location Service subscriptions)
    • SBI event thread - (SBI) Handle events from AdvantEDGE (scenario updates, mobility events, etc.) & updates Loc. Service database)
  • Supports hot-restart
    • User / app subscriptions with and without a duration parameter survive location service pod restarts

Figure below presents an exemplary sequence diagram