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Project Progression

07-2018 Project start
09-2018 Demo: Single-zone Drones Edge-DAA @ Edge Congress (Berlin)
DAA = Detect-And-Avoid
02-2019 Demo: Multi-zone Drones Edge-DAA @ MWC (Barcelona)
DAA = Detect-And-Avoid
05-20191.0.0Limited release to select partners
07-20191.1.0Feature release
09-20191.2.0- Apache 2.0 Open Source Release
- Demo: OpenRTiST real-time video style transfer @ Edge Congress (London)
11-20191.3.0Feature release
03-20201.4.0- Feature release
- Demo: In-Home Edge Gaming @ MWC (Barcelona)
Demo Canceled due to COVA19 Virus :(
06-20201.5.0- Feature release
- GIS support
- Multi-user sandboxes
- ETSI MEC 012 Radio Network Interface Service (RNIS)
- Ansible playbooks install (beta)
- containerized virt-engine
- Net.Char.: Asymmetric max throughput + selectable jitter distribution
- ingress controller (port 80/443)
12-20201.6.0- New MEC Service: ETSI-MEC WLAN Access Information Service (WAIS)
- ETSI MEC RNIS & Location Service graduate to v2.1.1
- Support different PoA radio technologies (5G/4G/WLAN), UE radio technologies & UE disconnected state
- Possibility to limit CPU and Memory on scenario pods
- Network characteristics automaion based on geolocation
- Zone color coding on map + other map improvements
- Platform API and GIS engine API improvements
- Ansible playbook for dev. environment
- Support for Ubuntu 20.04/K8s 1.19 & transition to Helm v3
- Support for Open API v3.0 specifications
- Various deployment knobs added (Let’s Encrypt CA certs, max users, session management, user roles, OAuth) to support diverse deployments of the platform
- Various bug fixes
01-20211.6.1- Helm related hotfix
04-20211.7.0- Process lifecycle API to control containers @ scenario runtime
- Network reachability/connectivity to control reachability of the network @ scenario runtime
- Improved platform monitoring & KPIs (Prometheus)
- New dashboards
- RNIS improvements (L2Meas, measurement reports)
09-20211.8.0- New MEC Service: ETSI-MEC Edge Application Enablement Service
- New MEC Service: ETSI-MEC Application Mobility Service
- Geopspatial measurements caching (distance & signal strength)
- Wireless Metrics dashboards in frontend
- Long-term metrics storage capabilities
12-20211.8.1- WebSocket subscription support in ETSI MEC WLAN Access Information Service
- MEC Service maintenance updates (Edge Application Enablement & Application Mobility Services)
- Sandbox metrics garbage collection
- Plaform maintenance fixes
12-20221.9.0- New MEC Service: ETSI MEC030 V2X Information Service
- Device-to-device (D2D) communication emulation support
- Sequence & Data flow diagram dashboards in frontend
- ETSI MEC service API upgrade to v2.2.1 for MEC011, MEC012, MEC013 & MEC021
- Support for k8s versions up to 1.26 and Ubuntu 22.04
- Various bug fixes

Project Roadmap

The following features are considered & prioritized in “as-needed” basis

Value added KPIsPlatform provides new KPIs to allow application prototyping & experimentation
New ETSI MEC ServicesPlatform supports new MEC services; BWM (MEC015) as the primary target
Mobile Edge/Fog NodesPlatform allows mobility of edge nodes with creation and destruction of containers
Model extensionPlatform allows to model new network topologies and types
Improved VM supportProvide guidance on installing AdvantEDGE in VM environment
Multi-user isolationIsolate user sandboxes
PoA Selection AlgorithmImprove algorithm to consider network KPIs
Edge/Fog Selection AlgorithmImprove “minimum hop-count” algorithm to consider network KPIs