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Monitoring ViewMonitoring View overview
Headline barMonitoring View controls
Dashboard configuration paneEditable dashboard list
Visualization iframeDashboard visualization

Monitoring View

The Monitoring view provides an interface for the AdvantEDGE platform user to view and edit external monitoring dashboards.

Other views can be found in the GUI Overview wiki page

Headline Bar

This bar is always visible within the Monitoring view. It provides the following buttons:


Loads the selected dashboard URL in the visualization iframe.


Opens the dashboard configuration pane to edit the list of dashboard URLs.


Loads the Grafana frontend in a new browser tab with a connection to the meep-grafana backend microservice. The Grafana web application may be used to view the default dashboards or to create and edit new user-defined dashboards.

Dashboard Configuration Pane

This section provides an editable list of dashboards. The default dashboards can’t be removed or modified. Additional dashboards can be added, modified or removed as follows:

NOTE: Any user-configured dashboards will be deleted if the web application local storage is cleared via the browser or the Settings View button to clear the UI cache.

Create Dashboard:

  • Click NEW
  • Enter dashboard Name & URL
  • Click APPLY

Edit Dashboard:

  • Modify dashboard Name & URL
  • Click APPLY

Delete Dashboard:

  • Click checkbox next to dashboards to be deleted
  • Click DELETE
  • Click APPLY

Visualization Iframe

This section uses an iframe to load the selected dashboard URL into the frontend.

NOTE: Certain websites don’t allow iframe embedding. Dashboards will only load if the X-Frame-Options are not set in the http response.